Select best ELSS, Tax Saver Mutual Funds in 1 Minute

This video is for those investors and also for common people who don’t know much about taxation but want to save tax and earn profit at the same time. Equity Linked Saving Scheme offers both. The funds mentioned in this video have performed well in the previous decade. Mirae Asset fund is launched in Dec 2015 so I mentioned returns generated by it in past 5 years. If you are looking for a long-term tax saving option, I am sure this video will help you in one minute to find the best possible funds in this sector with a multi-cap distribution methodology of investment in it.

Select Best Small Cap Mutual Funds in 1 Minute

In this video, I provided very precise information about the best small-cap mutual funds that yielded high returns in the past few years. Small-Cap funds may be risky investments for short-term investors but can deliver very high returns in long run. For this video, I thoroughly studied all small-cap funds and chosen a few best in the category. I hope you will earn great profits in long run by investing in these funds.

Does Yellow Fungus Exists ? क्या पीली फंगस सच में होती है ? #YellowFungus #BlackFungus #Mucormycosis

This video has detailed information about various types of fungal infection like mucormycosis, #candida, #aspergillosis, #cryptococcus, #histoplasmosis, and #coccidioidomycosis, etc. It will bust all #myths related to mucormycosis and yellow fungus as well. In 5 minutes you will well learn about all kinds of fungal infections.